Laminates Installation

Why Choose Laminate for Your New Flooring?

In addition to generally being less expensive than other types of flooring, laminate floors give you a tremendous range of choices. This even includes the ability of laminate to mimic woods that aren't tough or durable enough for everyday use as flooring.

Plus, they can outlast even woods that are sturdier. No wonder laminates are growing more and more popular every day!

How to Choose the Right Laminate

The designs for laminate floors come from photographic images (as opposed to an actual layer of wood) which means you can create virtually any wood-grain look that you want–especially in this age of Photoshop!

This means you can choose from all colors of such popular woods as maple, pine, mahogany, hickory, ash, walnut, oak, chestnut–the list goes on and on. You can even include stone among your choices!

Hence, concerns over woods that are higher priced or impractical for flooring suddenly vanish. And, needless to say, their size and shape can also be exactly the same as wood-floor planks.

Looking for Laminate Flooring Specialists?

CarpetTime.Inc  has years of experience serving the local community, and we're especially proud of our personalized customer service. You can count on us to always be here and to respond promptly to your needs.

We're a one-stop, shop-at-home service, offering a vast selection of laminate flooring styles, colors and materials.

First, we assign you your own Personal Flooring Expert who will carefully guide you through all the steps.

Your flooring expert will bring our wide selection of laminate flooring options into your home so you can see exactly how everything will look within your own environment and not at some store or online.

What's more, the proper measurements will be taken and you will be given a free estimate on the spot–one with no hidden fees or surprises later on.

Once you've made your choice, our expert Installers will arrive on time and go to work. Before you know it, your beautiful new laminate floors will be ready for you to enjoy–and to show off to the world!

But it doesn't end there. We always follow up to make sure your completely satisfied!