Carpet Care

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Carpets have always been regarded as a symbol of opulence and prestige right from the earliest civilizations. Carpets also act as filters for an entire house. Carpets should be vacuumed weekly to maintain their healthy function of collecting dust. As opposed to normal belief weekly cleaning doesn't impair the appearance of the carpet either. Entrance areas, dinning area and lounge might require more frequent cleaning. Always be sure to blot the stained area, and check for special instructions for removing different types of stains.

Do not soak wall-to-wall carpeting too much; excessive soaking can cause the fabric to shrink. Sometimes this shrinkage can even cause tears in the carpet. For many non oil-based stains on water-treatable cotton and wool rugs, a good solution to begin with is ¼ teaspoon clear dishwashing liquid and 1 cup warm water. Dirt is a lot easier to get out than mud. Therefore let the mud dry first and then lift up as much as you can with a dull knife etc and vacuum the rest. If there is still a residual effect, like a slight shading where the mud was, use the above detergent solution.

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